The final trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker dropped last night, and I have a very serious question: What if the movie doesn’t live up to this trailer? This is a GREAT trailer. It’s hitting all the right notes—thrilling, mysterious, nostalgic (Carrie!), exciting, gorgeous visuals. I am intrigued by a shot of Rey and Kylo Ren fighting side-by-side—I’m not here to redeem Kylo Ren (he killed Han Solo, f-ck him forever) but if they can pull that arc off? No joke, that would be amazing storytelling. I am super into the score swelling dramatically. I want to know about Poe Dameron and Lando Calrissian collaborating. Rose Tico! Finally! They left her out of the first trailer—and the merchandise— which felt like giving into the worst elements of toxic fandom. But here she is, a reminder that Rose still has a part to play. And Rey, Finn, and Poe, off an adventure together! At last! It’s literally all I have wanted since The Force Awakens!

But I am scared. Because I still don’t trust JJ Abrams not to undo all the good of The Last Jedi. I don’t want any mystery box bullsh-t this time around, I want the world of Star Wars to move ahead, to find new directions and new stories beyond Skywalkers. And I swear to the gods old and new, if this comes down to special blood again, I will burn this place right the f-ck down. I am a woman ON THE EDGE.

It looks so good, though, it’s impossible not to hope. That shot of Kylo Ren emerging from the mist? Totally awesome. I do wonder how many Jedi and/or Sith have accidentally lopped off their own arms pulling moves like that, but it looks rad. And I don’t even like C-3PO, and I got a little choked up at the implication that that gold foil asshole is going to sacrifice himself. And the Luke-Leia voice over at the end? DONE. This is very, very effective marketing. I am petrified of this movie letting me down, but I am on the hook anyway. I just hope this isn’t a case of “great trailer, mediocre movie”. I want The Rise of Skywalker to stick the landing. If we’re really wrapping up the story of the Skywalkers, then let’s go out in style. Visually, I have no fear on that front. But relaunching Star Wars has not been smooth sailing, and I get the feeling there is a lack of consensus, among fans and filmmakers alike, about what Star Wars is. Is it a nostalgia factory? Or can it be something more than an echo of the past? I think it can be more, there is a reason these characters took such hold in our collective consciousness, I just don’t think the new movies have fully tapped into that feeling. Hopefully, The Rise of Skywalker will, and the Skywalker saga can end on a high note.