These are, in my opinion, the best of the best, in the Garden Time they are right on time. So we’ll start, appropriately, with Tyla. 


Duana implied earlier in her piece, the one featuring Zendaya, that’s it’s rare for a Met Gala first-timer to step up there and kill it. Rare but not impossible, especially not for Tyla. But imagine being able to do this? To break onto the scene last year with a song no one can get out of their heads, announcing your arrival, but still not yet a household name, and then debut at the Met Gala in one of the most talked-about, most gag-worthy looks?! 

Tyla did that. In a one-time wear dress that was the theme and so much more. A Balmain of sand, time that slips through your fingers, fashion and style that can only be borrowed and not kept, trends that are fleeting, but can, sometimes, leave a memory so permanent they belong at the museum. This is that kind of creation. 


But wait. If you haven’t seen the second part of it – Olivier Rousteing made the update, live on site. Now THIS is what the Met Gala is supposed to f-cking be!

And one more layer of meaning… Tyla in a dress of sand… 

“Make me sweat, make me hotter

Make me lose my breath

Make me water”


Are you kidding me, Tyla? Welcome to the Met Gala, thank you for saving us. 


That was the fashion present and future, Nicole Kidman went to the past. Based on a classic Balenciaga from 1951, this piece is exquisite. And ever the award-winning actress, of course Nicole kept it on theme, her way. Because if we’re talking about time, this is about day birthing night, and night coming back to day, a glorious interpretation and tribute to fashion history. Also, once again, a HUGE win for this new collaboration between Nicole and Jason Bolden. I’ve been saying that their partnership would be yielding big results. And we are seeing them one right after another. 


You know who was underrated last night? Who is not being talked about enough? Rebecca Ferguson. I’ve already said Thom Browne has been the MVP of the Met Gala for almost a decade now and here are two back-to-back different looks that showcase his artistry. Rebecca Ferguson is the garden at midnight – the drama of this outfit, the unbelievable craft that went into it, the beading, the detail, every perfect styling decision from the hair to the makeup, it is breathtaking!

And on the other side of the conversation, but still in the Thom Browne family, it’s Gigi Hadid in one of the most gorgeous gowns of the evening. But it has to grow on you – ha, get it. Because at first glance, it’s a ballgown. You have to keep paying attention to the fact that it is a ballgown NOW, but it WAS a jacket its former state. A flower that’s bloomed out of its stem, a blazer. Come ON. 


Gigi gave us the greatest flower, and Taylor Russell became a tree. We knew she and Loewe would not disappoint, and this is how they met and exceeded those expectations. You will note, Taylor’s dress shares the same DNA as Ariana Grande’s. And yet. AND YET. Taylor’s the one wearing the actual artwork or the bark-work, lol. The skin of the tree on her skin as a tree. This is f-cking sublime. 

And finally, the Doja Cat of it all. Doja is dating Guram Gvasalia, the creative director of Vetements. And in the days leading up to the Met Gala they’ve been seen together with her wearing the most random and hilarious sh-t, like cling wrap, and dry cleaning plastic. 

She was seen ahead of the Met Gala in a towel, LOL. By the time she arrived, well, you know the look. It was spectacular. 


Doja by the way had a whole explanation for this stunt. If you missed it, here it is: 

She’s not wrong – a white t-shirt is a timeless style piece. Her particular t-shirt though is Vetements. If you’ve ever shopped Vetements you know nothing, not even a tee, at Vetements is affordable. It can be fashion and it can be a stunt, especially since she’s such a chaotic performer. Look at her feigning modesty, like she gives a f-ck if someone can see her tits and her puss through her wet cotton. This bitch doesn’t care but it’s about the character. Let me play into the Victorian f-cking Willy Wonka energy that everyone else is vibing to at this party as the water reveals the contours of my body in this white tee but pretend to uphold my ladylike virtue. But also, eat that Rita Ora. This is how you do it. 

Every Met Gala needs a disruptive spirit like Doja Cat. And if this keeps happening whenever she shows up, we should be adding her to the list of highly anticipated rivals year after year.