Elizabeth Banks’ officially-a-sequel-and-not-a-reboot Charlie’s Angels is coming out later this year, and we have some brightly colored photos to look at and start judging. The photos focus on Kristen Stewart as Sabina (GREAT NAME), Naomi Scott as Elena, Ella Balinska as Jane, and Banks as one of several Bosleys—Patrick Stewart and Djimon Hounsou are also Bosleys. Of course we have to waste some photo space on thirsty-ass Noah Centineo playing Some Dude, which is a drag. Chris Pang (Colin in Crazy Rich Asians) is in this movie. We could be looking at Chris Pang, is all I’m saying.

As for the Angels, THEY. LOOK. FABULOUS. As befitting a spy caper, the colors are bright, the clothes are cool—it’s not Ocean’s 8 levels of fashion, but then, nothing is Cate Blanchett in a green velvet suit—and there are gadgets, of course. One of the photos shows KStew dressed like a jockey, so I assume a horse race is part of the plot. Based on these photos, I get a little bit of a Kingsman vibe, just minus the mod influence. I’ll be interested to see a trailer and see if that bears out.


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This is Kristen Stewart’s biggest movie in a while. Technically, she has made studio movies since Twilight wrapped up—American Ultra and Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk were both studio movies, but neither made a big splash—but this is by far the most visible job she’s taken. Now that we’re the better part of a decade removed from Twilight, both KStew and Robert Pattinson are starting to dip their toes back in the mainstream. Stewart is fronting this Angels movie, and Pattinson’s return to studio filmmaking is with Christopher Nolan. I’m interested in their respective second acts—they were both always better than Twilight deserved—and I’m especially interested to see how the public reacts to KStew this time around. Her relationship with the public could be, er, not great during Twilight, but A LOT has changed since then, and it feels like we’re less apt to punish stars for not constantly smiling these days. I’ll be very curious to see how Kristen Stewart: Fame Round Two plays out this fall.

Attached – Kristen at Coachella with girlfriend Sara Dinkin.