Tiffany Haddish and Melissa McCarthy have gotten to work on their mob movie, The Kitchen, filming in 1970s get ups today. This is a really good look for both, right? 1970s fashion isn’t workable for everyone—the proportions are unforgiving and don’t work for me at all—but they both look great. (I’ve had such a long week my eyes are crossed and the fact that I can make anything out in these photos is a minor miracle.) We don’t know much more about The Kitchen than we did when it was casting up, just that it’s a mob-wife tale about the women taking over when their men go to jail. I’m still really into that, and still really into seeing both McCarthy and Haddish in dramatic mode. McCarthy, especially, as I am girding for a trip to see Life of the Party later today, which is a cold reminder that despite being a gifted comedienne, McCarthy is really hit or miss in comedy movies.

Has Tiffany Haddish missed anything yet? She will, eventually, because everyone does at some point, but Haddish is still riding her 2017 high well into 2018. Besides shooting The Kitchen, she’s got a bunch of stuff coming out soon, including Uncle Drew, Night School, a new Tyler Perry movie—quality, questionable, but all but a guaranteed hit—and Tracy Morgan’s return to television, The Last O.G. And her Netflix cartoon show Tuca and Bertie just added Ali Wong as Haddish’s co-star. I can’t imagine a better comedy partner for Tiffany Haddish than Ali Wong. Have you seen Wong’s stand-up special, Baby Cobra? It’s on Netflix and well worth checking out (she has a new one coming out this weekend, too). It’s just good news on top of good news for Haddish this year. The Tiffany Haddish train isn’t slowing down any time soon.