Last week, Joanna checked in with Julia Roberts on Instagram. It’s been about a month now since she joined. And since then she’s been showing us her work. Lately she’s been at work on a photo shoot – seen in Malibu in several outfits, including a rainbow skirt on Friday and then the next day leaning up against a vintage car in a pink blouse over jeans. THAT FACE though. That nose. The bone structure. It’s a memory in the present tense. And it goes well with a throwback photo she posted from Notting Hill a couple of days ago: 


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Note that Danny Moder was seen on set with her too. So much for those rumours that there’s trouble between them. 

As Joanna noted, Julia’s prepping a few upcoming projects in the fall, including Ben is Back, opening in December, which seems like it could be an award season possibility and an Amazon series, Homecoming, premiering November 2nd. Which basically means the Hollywood Foreign Press Association will have her at the Golden Globes. The first trailer for Homecoming was released this weekend. Set to Radiohead’s "Everything in Its Right Place." 


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I was just at Radiohead’s second show in Toronto on Friday. They change up their set list all the time. We did not get "EIIRP". They played it the night before. But the people who went the night before didn’t get "Paranoid Android." They did, however, get "Karma Police." And "2+2=5", one of my all-time favourite Radiohead songs. We got "Fake Plastic Trees" though. This is why, if you can, you go to both shows in your city if they’re playing multiples. They make it worth it. 

Definitely an effective track to preview what Homecoming is about – a former case worker who helped veterans return to civilian life and four years later she realises the reason she says she left is not the reason she really left. Because if you insist on everything being in its right place, it almost never is in its right place. I quite enjoy the confirmation that Julia Roberts is a Radiohead fan. As we’ve always known, there’s a lot of edge and complication behind that blinding smile.