Avengers: Beginning of the End

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Following that canonization in Vanity Fair, Marvel has released the first trailer for Avengers: Infinity War. Fans have been clamoring for it since basically Comic-Con, but anyone who pays attention should know by now that Marvel runs their advertising on a pretty tight six-month clock, and we are about six months from May 2018 and the first part of the grand Avengers finale. And boy, does this trailer want us to feel how important that is, how grand the beginning of the end will be. A big, swelling, slightly slowed-down version of Alan Silvestri’s Avengers theme plays—the closest Marvel has come to iconic music—and we get glimpses of all our heroes in distress. Thanos emerges on his own two feet at last, stabs Vision and, assumedly, takes his Infinity Stone (killing him?). Tony Stark looking like all his worst nightmares are coming true. T’Challa giving orders. Everything so serious. Everything so greatly important.

LOOK AT CAPTAIN AMERICA’S BEARD. I’m sorry, I know Marvel wants us to feel the import of the moment but all anyone cares about is Captain America with shaggy hair and a beard. Do you think Chris Evans cried a little when they told him he didn’t have to shave or cut his hair, at least for the first part of filming? I bet he did. I bet he hugged his dog and felt the purest joy. And it’s totally worth it because Beardy Captain America is ten times hotter, just like Beardy Chris Evans is the best Chris Evans. This is a really good look for Cap. T’Challa says, “Someone get this a man a shield,” but I hear, “Someone let this man keep his facial hair.” (We already know he’s clean-shaven again by Avengers 4: Space Boogaloo.)

Other observations: We’re seeing proper Spidey-sense from Peter Parker, and also he’s now running around in that souped-up suit Tony built him. Hulk will crash down in Doctor Strange’s house. Cap’s been hanging around Wakanda with Black Widow, who is blonde now, and, incredibly, Scarlett Johansson is STILL wearing a wig. Just let Natasha have ScarJo’s short hair already. Bucky with the good hair is back, sporting long flowing locks in the Wakandan breeze. That is also a good look on Sebastian Stan.

But I want to go back to the tone of this trailer. It’s big, it’s grand, it’s probably going to play well in front of Star Wars. But then it ends with Thor, looking busted in the face so presumably someone (Thanos) just kicked his ass, meeting the Guardians of the Galaxy. This beat comes from the preview shown back at Comic-Con, and in its fuller context, it’s a comedic moment. They’ve edited it down to mostly fit the tone of the trailer, but Mantis’s little wave is a clue that it’s not really of that tone.

And my prevailing question re: Infinity War is what tone the movie ultimately goes with. This trailer indicates they’re going with Important Things Happening Importantly, but the success of their three movies this year, all with strong comedy bases, makes a case for not going against the grain of the characters that can handle comedy. Infinity War has been a high-stress production. It’s just so much, even for a studio used to making big ass movies with lots of moving parts. And among the most important of those parts is settling on the tone of the movie. Justice League couldn’t settle on a tone, and as a result, it’s a mess. I don’t think Infinity War is having a real tonal clash like Justice League did, but I have a little worry. Certainly Marvel has earned the benefit of the doubt, and if anyone can pull a rabbit out of a hat, it’s them. But this is the first time in a while that I have had ANY worry for a Marvel movie, and it’s a slightly jarring feeling.

Attached - Sebasitan Stan shopping in New York yesterday. 

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