The last of the completed films that were delayed because of the pandemic were released this past summer. But we still have to deal with films that were meant to be in production in 2020 that were delayed and are just now staggering their way into theaters in fits and starts. 


That’s one reason the release calendar has been so light this year—we’re not back to full production capacity yet. (And maybe we never will be. What no one wants to talk openly about but EVERYONE is whispering about, is that with all the money troubles plaguing various studios and productions houses, which is most of them, the reality might just be an overall draw down on production, meaning less movies made each year, and even fewer released into theaters. And you thought my doom and gloom days were over, LOL.) 

One of my most anticipated films scuppered by COVID is John Wick Chapter 4, which FINALLY has a trailer. It looks awesome, of course. We’ve come to expect nothing less than high style, bonkers action, and Keanu being very cool in these movies. The trailer for Chapter 4 has all of these elements, so everything is as expected. In the last film, John Wick was left on the run after being seemingly betrayed by Winston (but not really). The trailer shows Winston offering John a way out of the increasingly insane mess of his assassin life, which involves fighting a French guy played by Swedish actor Bill Skarsgard. Chapter 4 includes Ian McShane returning as Winston, and Laurence Fishburn returning as the Bowery King, complete with Matrix reference. The trailer also shows off real life FOK (Friend Of Keanu) Hiroyuki Sanada playing, I assume, one of the many secret assassins that populates this world. He was originally in talks to appear in Chapter 3, but it didn’t work out, so I’m glad to see him pop up here. 


Chapter 4 was supposed to come out in 2021, but got delayed when The Matrix Revolutions, which was filming in early 2020 when everything got shut down, was itself delayed. Chapter 4 was then supposed to come out this summer, but distributor Lionsgate extremely wisely kicked it to March 2023 to avoid opening opposite Top Gun: Maverick. March 2023 is so far away, but we are finally getting John Wick Chapter 4, I won’t complain. I just want to see this movie. I love this nonsensical world of secret assassins and rave fights and all of these people dying because Theon Greyjoy killed John Wick’s puppy. Never forget, this all started because Theon Greyjoy was an asshole to a sad widower, and now there’s an international assassin fight and 907 people are dead. Way to go, Theon.