When were the Oscars?! Like not even a month ago, right? It was at the Oscars where Florence Pugh and Andrew Garfield presented together, at which point the internet, me included, started shipping them, and decided that we need more FloField, whether it’s real life or onscreen. And the Oscars organisers who paired them didn’t even know that the two had already been in talks to star in a movie together…which is already in production!


Here they are, Flo and Andrew, on set together in London. And it’s already looking adorable. This is FRESH though. Like literally just announced -  up until about an hour ago as of this post, we didn’t even have a title. And now we know, the film is called We Live in Time, a “funny, deeply moving, and immersive love story”. 


You know what gets me excited? Besides FloField, of course. It’s seeing “StudioCanal” because of the association with movies I’ve seen dozens of times: Love Actually, About a Boy, Pride & Prejudice (the Keira Knightley version), Atonement, and obviously Bridget Jones’s Diary. When “StudioCanal” pops up in the credits, then, my mind goes to romance. Rewatchable romance. And now FloField is about to join that cohort. 

So it’s a good thing that they’re moving so quickly on this. We need this soon!