The Valentino L’École presentation at Paris Fashion Week yesterday attracted, as usual, a healthy celebrity crowd and restarted some dating rumours. Before we get into Valentino Flo though, let’s take a moment to appreciate Simone Ashley. Because holy sh-t, she looks f-cking amazing. 

Simone Ashley attends the Valentino Womenswear Spring/Summer 2024 show as part of Paris Fashion Week on October 01, 2023 in Paris, France

Simone was seated next to Yang Zi during the show and I also love her fit – the shirt dress with the feather cuffs and that beautiful Valentino tie. 


I can only show you photos of Yang Zi from social media though because guess what? Western photographers didn’t know to shoot her and the only picture I can find of her is with Andrew Garfield, in which they labelled her as “guest”. 


The fashion industry is looking east and, more and more, involving Asian stars in their campaigns, which is where the money is. The media, however, has still been slow to widen their lens to include more than just western celebrities. 

As for the rumours…

Look how cozy Andrew Garfield and Florence Pugh were. 

Of course this goes back to the Oscars in March when they presented together and became the internet’s new ship. Then it was confirmed that they were co-starring in a film, We Live In Time, which they worked on during the spring. They were seen hanging out during production but through the summer it was pretty quiet, not much fuel for any possible romance. Over the last few weeks, however, sightings of the two have been popping up online; people have seen the two out with friends and looking super flirty. And now they’re both at Valentino in matching pink. 


I know this is what the internet wants. But … I’m only reading friend vibes here. Maybe even sibling vibes. Just me? Let’s talk about this at The Squawk today

Interesting twist though – Andrew’s ex, Alyssa Miller, and Flo’s ex, Zach Braff, were just seen together this weekend at the Coldplay concert.

Bringing it back to Valentino though… 

This collection is all my sh-t. Tailored shirts, shirt dresses, light and airy, and sneakers with everything! 


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