Florence Pugh and Andrew Garfield presented together during the Oscars, and the internet fell in love with them as a duo. Lainey has already dubbed them “FloField”. Of the potential for FloField, either personally or professionally, Lainey said, “At the very least, the internet wants them in a movie together. I wouldn’t be mad at that either.” Well, guess what? There’s a FloField movie in the works.


It’s tentatively called We Live In Time, interestingly, Benedict Cumberbatch is listed as one of the executive producers (which might mean this was once a project developed for him that he is passing on, would be curious to know the chain of custody here). It is described as “a funny, deeply moving and immersive love story.” So it’s a romantic movie, but given that Flo only goes for “very intense roles”, should we assume the “deeply moving” part means sad? Is this Andrew Garfield and Florence Pugh co-starring in a star-crossed tale? The internet is going to lose its sh-t, but I think it would be hilarious if FloField turns out to be another Leo/Kate situation, where they make an epic romance together and then just…remain friends.