Have you seen Flyana Boss on any of your feeds yet? They’re going mega viral right now because they’ve found the most creative way to promote their music: by running. In the most random places. The song is super catchy. But the videos are sooooooo much fun to watch. So now running to the song is becoming a huge trend – which is exactly how you kickstart a career. (The Mary Sue)


Lupita Nyong’o is also in Paris for Fashion Week and was seen at Chanel and Dior. She looks amazing in this purple shorts set that could, in theory, work for Margot Robbie’s press tour…but not on Margot herself, you know what I mean? Lupita, by the way, was wearing this Chanel fit to jump on the Flyana trend that I just mentioned in the previous link. Which is a HUGE boost for Flyana Boss – when your music goes to PFW? That’s a moment! (Go Fug Yourself) 


Princess Kate was seated beside Roger Federer when he was honoured at Wimbledon and this green blazer with the white buttons is fine and of course suitable for the occasion but I do think she has a talent of picking the most boring pieces from a collection and making them even more boring. You know what would have been better with this jacket instead of the white pleated skirt she was wearing? A pair of culottes. (Cele|bitchy) 

Robyn posted a photo of a child on Instagram and everyone is assuming, understandably, that she is a mother now. If this is indeed her baby – seems obvious – then it means she did this secretly, and as her fans have noted, this is why she’s been pretty quiet for about a year. (OMG Blog) 

I’m not usually excited about salads because…well…they’re salads, but I’ve been overloading on too many burgers and hot dogs and skewers lately so it might be time to do some salad living and these recipes look easy, especially the one with tomatoes, corn, and summer squash. (Eater)