Hi Hayley, 

I have recently saw my doctor for my son’s appointment. At the end of the appointment I asked her what my weight was the last time I had my checkup and she said it was 130 pounds. That was late February of this year before going back to work from maternity leave. Anyways, I have now gained 8 pounds since we’re in isolation. I need help! Since I’m working and homeschooling my 2 kids and taking care of my 13-month-old baby, I was wondering if you can create a workout that I can do while I watch TV. I run every 2 days (light run which I guess is not enough with all the cookies my husband bakes). At night all I want to do is watch Netflix so I really want a workout that I can do while I sit on my ass using 5-pound weights or squats or an elastic. Please help! Please don’t use my name cause 5 of my friends read this blog. Also, if you can point out a site for a good diet plan, that would be great.

Thank you so much. 


I don’t think you’re alone in the COVID-19 weight gain; we are all stuck at home with unlimited access to the snack cupboard and fridge. However, fitness has never been more accessible so with some hard, at-home workouts, you will be back by mid-summer! Now, with weight gain, please remember that our weight fluctuates, and a one-time increase of 8 pounds may not be that at all. I can honestly go up and down 5 pounds from morning to night, so take that weigh-in with a grain of salt. What you should be focusing on more is how you feel and how your clothes fit you. If you feel like you haven’t been taking care of yourself or exercising the recommended amount, then you should give yourself a nudge. But don’t get down on yourself for a bit of weight gain.

Here is a workout for you, which unfortunately can’t be done sitting on your ass, but it can be done while watching TV and with just 1 dumbbell. If you don’t have a dumbbell then grab something that is heavy, like a container of laundry detergent or a heavy book. I taught this class this week to a group of women who were using just that, and I am going to film the workout using a jug of soap. 


This workout is all strength, some Pilates, and ZERO jumping or “cardio” which means those of you who live in apartments with neighbours that can’t stand you jumping at 7am, you can still get a sweaty, heart pumping workout. So, go grab whatever you have in your home that has some weight to it and come move with me.