Former Yeezy employees are divulging what it was like to work for Kanye West and, not surprisingly, it was f-cked up. He managed to harass both the employees and his then-wife who wasn’t even there in the process by showing intimate photos of her to staff. And Adidas apparently condoned this. In the name of genius!? F-ck off. (Dlisted) 


Naomi Biden got married at the White House and the wedding photos were featured in the Vogue digital issue. I really do love that shot of the couple on the balcony and the back of her wedding dress is divine. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Daniel Craig, a Brit, talks about American Thanksgiving and why he loves it, except for the stuffing in the turkey part. Great. Here’s my chance to dump on turkey. Love stuffing, hate turkey. I don’t care where the stuffing is made, I just want the stuffing but not the turkey. For a meal that so many people idealise, why is centered around such a dry, dusty bird? (Cele|bitchy) 

Luke Evans working out in a very cute bikini bottom supposedly showing his workout technique but we all know what this is and no one is complaining. Actually no, I have one complaint. This is supposed to be a “no weight” workout but it’s not like I have a hammock lying around. (OMG Blog) 


I know this is Maria’s department but this just made me laugh so hard. Cardi B is watching The Crown. And tweeting about The Crown. And I would really, really, really love it so much if Cardi could live-tweet every single episode because this is gold. And it’s also another reason – there are so many – to say F-CK YOU to one of “Twitter’s Worst Main Characters”, Elon Musk. (The Ringer)