Human sequoia Adam Driver puts up with a lot from his adoring public, from graphic “Reylo” fanfic, to being called things like “human sequoia” on the internet, to John Oliver’s massive crush, and in exchange for his endless patience and not stepping on us all like ants with his massive foot, I think it’s okay if he cashes in every once in a while. We know Adam Driver as a consummate artist, who keeps his personal life personal and walks out of interviews because he can’t bear to watch himself in clips. He works with the best filmmakers in the world, he elevates bizarre commercial concepts into comedy gold, he’s in that one SNL sketch I can never watch too many times, so let the man take a damn day off and phone it in while making some genre non-sense. Case in point: 65, a film in which Future Adam Driver fights dinosaurs. 


Does this look terrible? Yes. Am I going to watch the sh-t out of it? Absolutely. 65 is from filmmaking duo Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, aka the guys who originated A Quiet Place before John Krasinski took it over. Now that Krasinski has that franchise all to himself, Beck and Woods decided to make THIS movie which is a big choice. Could this secretly be good? Sure. Does it look like it’s secretly good? Nope. At best, maybe it will be like The Meg: stupid, but highly entertaining. Speaking of highly entertaining, though, I cannot WAIT for the press tour of this movie. Please, junketeers, PROMISE me you will interview Adam Driver as seriously as if 65 is one of his Oscar bait movies, PLEASE go into this committed to the bit. I know I’m asking you to risk Adam Driver unhinging his jaw and swallowing you whole like a large man snake, but just IMAGINE how funny it will be if everyone acts like this is Serious Art and not Adam Driver cashing an easy check.