Remember that sniping a few weeks ago from some crusty Hollywood publicists about the Met Gala guest list and how too many influencers were going and the A List is staying away?


Depends on who you refer to as the A List. Like Jennifer Aniston is for sure A List. And she’s great. But when I think of Met Gala, I’m not super jacked to see Jen Aniston there, no disrespect. At the Met Gala we want DRAMA. We want people leaning the f-ck in to the theme, to the COSTUME of it. And Jen doesn’t dress like that. 

Rihanna is going. That should be enough. Same goes for JLo. Madonna will probably show up. And it seems like practically everyone else is in NYC right now. Lewis Hamilton posted that just hours after the Italian Grand Prix, he’s now in New York. Here’s Gabrielle Union in a super cute cape dress at Kelly and Ryan. It’s not for sure that she’ll show up tonight but there's a good chance since she and Dwyane Wade have lit up the Met Gala before. Also Emily Blunt was seen outside the Mark, which is the hotel where a lot of people go to get ready. I was just speculating last week about Emily and the Met Gala. So this is pretty much a slam dunk that she’s going and probably with Michael Kors?


Speaking of Michael Kors, he’s an American designer, and the theme is American fashion so American labels and designers should be a big factor tonight but it’s unlikely that they’ll be the only factor. 

Like Balmain is always a presence. And Dior. And Gucci. And Chanel. Speaking of Chanel then, here’s Kristen Stewart, also in New York, and it must be for the Met Gala. And since she’s a Chanel ambassador, if she wears Chanel, how will the theme be interpreted, if at all? Are we just seeing a sea of red, white, and blue? Will there be multiple Lady Liberties? Will there be American icons represented? I mean I don’t want this to turn into Halloween, but sometimes people get overly obvious at the Met Gal. And it’ll be so interesting to see who’s super obvious with the American theme and those who take a more subtle approach.