I was really starting to think we’d never see a proper trailer for Game of Thrones’ final season. That we would just have to settle for mere seconds doled out like scraps in broader HBO promo materials. But lo, on the fifth day, the great dragon breathed life into the world and there was a full trailer for Game of Thrones, and it was good. Of course, this trailer could just be two minutes of heavy breathing in the dark and we’d be like, Game of Thrones YAAAAAS. We’re all just so ready to get to the end and see what happens. Thrones has not overstayed its welcome, not even close, but this is the inevitable feeling roused by such a clearly drawn conflict. From the very beginning we’ve been waiting for it to come down to Stark vs. Lannister, everyone vs. the snow zombies, and the dragons finally being big enough to f-ck sh-t up. Well, we’re here, at last. The Starks and Lannisters are among the last great houses standing, the snow zombies are passing through the Wall, and the dragons are f-cking sh-t up. 

This is still a pretty obtuse trailer, but let’s infer what we can from it. One, Arya is actually looking afraid. When was the last time she looked scared? When she was blinded? It’s been a minute. The Arya that emerged from that trial seemed to have the fear excised from her soul, but here she is, on the run and clearly afraid. And she has a big cut on her face—did someone take a swipe at her Faceless Girl routine and break through to wound Arya? I really want Arya to survive. She’s not contending for the Iron Throne, but I want her to survive. 

Speaking of, TORMUND LIVES! Lainey singled out Kristofer Hivju at a junket hotel and wondered if this is a spoiler—apparently not, as Tormund is seen in this trailer, confirming he survived Viserion’s attack at the Wall. HBO obviously doesn’t care if we know that a fan favorite character is coming back. The trailer also shows off Gendry, so count him in, too, for the final fight. Alongside Jaime Lannister, who appears to be pleading his case in Winterfell, and Brienne of Tarth is on the front lines, too. Brienne is there! Tormund is there! HOT TALL VIKINGS IN LOVE can still happen! This is going to be a DARK season. We have to take our joy where we find it. Let the hot tall Vikings have a fling before they are inevitably crushed under death’s icy foot. 

You know who fully deserves to die? F-ckin’ Cersei. She is the WORST, has been from day one—JUSTICE FOR LADY—but honestly the image of her in her throne room, alone but for her guards, is just... She’s a coward. But she’s the worst kind of coward, she’s the kind who thinks they’re brave and smart. But she’s just a coward. Look at her, with NOTHING on the line and looking smug like she won some prize. I hope when her end comes, the depth of her cowardice is revealed. Remember what I said about Sansa and the cryptic words that might be a warning to her? Well Cersei has already blown past this warning. She has fully put politics ahead of survival. This is a show where a character’s fate often turns on one particular choice. Ned Stark died because he warned Cersei he knew about her inbred kids. Jon Snow died because he tried to spare the Wildings. I bet Cersei’s fate was sealed the moment she chose to game Jon Snow and Daenerys. Like we’re gonna look back and THAT is going to be the moment she lost the Game of Thrones. That, or the moment she killed Ser Pounce. Why would they even tell us that?!


Attached - Maisie Williams in Paris for Fashion Week, Lena Headey in Lesbos, and Emilia Clarke shopping in LA the other day.