HBO’s first Game of Thrones spin-off series, The House of the Dragon, is due later this summer, but HBO also has seven other potential GOT spin-offs in the works, including the latest, a SEQUEL series centered on Jon Snow, last seen heading into exile north of the wall. Jon Snow? More like Jon NO.


I mean, if HBO is going to do a GOT follow-up—which I’m pretty sure George R.R. Martin said he opposes, as the story ends with Daenerys’s death and Jon’s banishment—shouldn’t they make a show about King Bran? Nobody has a better story than Bran. 


Apparently, Kit Harington will return as Jon Snow. Please, are we failing Kit Harington so badly? Is there nothing better for him to do? What’s Marvel up to, when can they stick Dane Whitman into something meaningful and keep him too busy for this? Because this is a bad idea. I want to be nice and give HBO the benefit of the doubt but I’m too old for that sh-t. I know a bad idea when I hear one, and this is a bad idea. It doesn’t even have to do with how this feels sort of like a fix-it for the widely despised finale—although it does—it’s because Jon Snow’s story actually ended, and well. We can argue some of the finer points, but Jon Snow riding off into the beyond with his buddies was the happiest possible ending for that guy. He spent eight seasons telling us he did not want to be king, and in the end, he didn’t have to be king. He gets to hang out with people who actually like and respect him and don’t expect him to do murders of convenience for them. Leave Jon Snow alone! He got his happy ending!


If any Stark scion gets a sequel series, it should be Arya. She sailed off into the unknown, there is actual potential there. What IS west of Westeros? Show us that! And let it be a big gay adventure, because apparently Maisie Williams thought Arya was queer until she stripped down with Gendry in the world’s most awkward sex scene. A sequel series is a chance to explore Arya’s life post-Essos, post-Westeros, post-Gendry and prophecies and war. We’ve seen Arya the fighter and Arya the assassin, show us Arya the explorer. There is MEAT on that story bone. Leave Jon Snow alone, and give us more Arya, if you must give us more at all. Honestly, we’d probably be fine without more GOT.