We don’t know what Angelina did this Halloween. But we do know what she did for Halloween a couple of years ago, courtesy her fellow Eternals who shared photos from Halloween when they were filming the movie. Check the last photo in Gemma Chan’s carousel below: 


According to PEOPLE, Angelina actually hosted this party while they were all shooting in the Canary Islands. Apparently she wore heels with her giraffe onesie. And the reason this is newsworthy is, well, because she’s Angelina Jolie, but also because this is a side of her that we don’t often see. “She’s so much fun!” is not often a descriptor in any of the reporting about Angelina – and Fun Angie often shows up not on her personal platforms but via her colleagues. Like when Elle Fanning posted a shot of Angie photo-bombing her on the set of the Maleficent sequel. And Salma Hayek posting that video of Angelina pushing her face into her birthday cake


Curious though… if you do know Angelina and you have a photo of her in your camera roll, does get approval before posting? 

In other Angelina news, there was a story in the NY Post this weekend about her showing up to the Eternals premieres with her kids and how this “is not sitting well with friends of her ex-husband Brad Pitt”.

“Angelina’s using the kids,” one source close to Pitt told The Post. “It’s hard to understand how this behavior of parading them around is in their best interest. Brad never takes the kids out publicly — and he rarely talks about them.”

But a source who knows Jolie said: “The children are, not surprisingly given Brad and Angelina’s characters, very independent-minded. They don’t do things they don’t want to do.”


First of all, it’s interesting, yet again, that this is coming from the NY Post because this seems to be the publication that has an inside track on Brad Pitt – which makes this hypocritical; if we’re saying that Brad is above using the kids as press, why are his friends using the press to make a point about Angelina’s press? 

Next, to the issue of Brad never being seen with his kids, and not taking them out publicly – I mean there’s only so much time that you can spend inside, at home. Life happens outside and as their children are growing up, more and more they are expanding their worlds. Is it really that Brad isn’t taking the kids out publicly…or is it that they haven’t involved him in what they want to do and where they go publicly? Is this really about Angelina being out with the kids publicly or is it about trying to get ahead of the public starting to wonder about whether or not they enjoy their time with him the way they’re seen enjoying their time with their mother. 

Also… I’m not sure whoever this source is understands teenagers – and the only Jolie-Pitt child who is no longer a teenager now is the oldest, Maddox. “They don’t do things they don’t want to do” is exactly it; and when they're made to, and they don’t like it, you’ll know. Everyone will know. 

So, again, what’s the motivation here from Brad’s friends to be placing these comments in the NY Post? 

Attached - Angelina shopping with her kids in London last week.