“Everybody” in this case means me. ME.

Let’s back up to yesterday’s Celebrity Social Media, in which I praised Jennifer Garner’s “book announcement,” which was a joke. I obviously knew to be on extra high alert for fake sh-t. As the day went on, I noted a lot of lame pranks with one notable exception – Katie Couric falling down the stairs. I died at James’ reaction. 


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I was all ready to put April 1 to bed when, after we wrapped, Justin Bieber posted a photo of a sonogram, no caption. Obviously this was pulled from Google – look at the date up top. Any other day and I would have given it pause because this is exactly how the Biebers would announce a pregnancy, but if you look at the size of the fetus, it is pretty far along and obviously Hailey is not visibly pregnant (from pap shots two days ago). 


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But then he quickly posted this and I thought, is this a reverse joke? 


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Is she actually pregnant and the joke is that everyone thinks she isn’t? I texted Lainey and we talked about it and she didn’t believe it for a second, while I was like “uh, maybe???” The head of Hillsong commented, which made we wonder if it was legit because we know how involved Justin is with the church (is that kind of like lying to the pope?). 

Justin has spoken about wanting kids and in a recent post, said he was preparing himself for fatherhood. These two abstained from sex until they got married so you know they are rawdogging it like crazy right now. It adds up, OK?!

I was Googling about cervical exams when pregnant (I’ve had two babies but legit forgot) and looking through pap photos when he posted this.


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I was fooled. ME. (Lainey has already shamed me, rightfully so.) Look, I have a lot of love for our little Canadian nugget (and probably a lot more patience for him than other people do), but how could I have fallen for this? I despise clickbait fake sh-t, particularly on social media, and I’m extremely skeptical of everything. You could show me an adopted panda holding a rescued puppy and I’d be like, “This is fake, look at these fraudulent bitches!!!!!!” For every post I include in Celebrity Social Media, I really try to vet and look for a backstory or motivation – are they selling something? Thirst-trapping? Shading? Promoting? I don’t easily fall for stuff.

And yet, the Biebers got me. ME! They got me with the dumbest, lamest, most played out celebrity April Fools' joke. There wasn’t even any effort put into it. 

I feel like I need to walk through the streets ringing a bell with this lady behind me.