Even before it was officially confirmed that Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone had broken up just a couple of months after her 25th birthday, there were whispers online about him and Gigi Hadid. As mentioned yesterday, New York Fashion Week is happening right now and, well, where else would Leo be? Gigi of course lives in New York and NYFW is her job so of course she’s there and I guess that’s why people are talking about this like it could be a real thing? 


Now PEOPLE is adding to it with a report yesterday that Leo and Gigi are “getting to know each other”. Here are the details – and it’s not much, really:

“The Oscar winner, 47, and supermodel Gigi Hadid, 27, have been hanging out in New York City, multiple sources tell PEOPLE. "They are getting to know each other," one insider shares, adding that the pair aren't "dating" just yet.

"Leo is definitely pursuing Gigi," another source tells PEOPLE.

A third source adds, "They've been seen hanging out with groups of people. It's only been a few weeks since the split. Since then, he's been hanging out with friends and family."

Gigi is a model. Leo’s motto is Models Only. It’s no surprise that they move in the same circles. So is Leo actually “pursuing” Gigi? Or is PEOPLE thirsty for clicks? 

If we’re going by the data …and if you’re not sure what the data is, this is the data…

Leonardo DiCaprio Refuses To Date A Woman Over 25 graph

… this would be a major aberration. Gigi is 27 years old and has a child. Leo has never f-cked with anyone older than 25. That said, Leo also knows that everyone is laughing at him for never f-cking with anyone older than 25. He was a punchline just last night at the Emmys, the biggest night in television, in front of so many of his peers, they were laughing at him. Look at how much activity the video has gotten on Twitter:

Will he make it a point then to date someone outside of his preferred age range to prove people wrong? Is he capable of romantic interest in a woman who has exceeded the quarter century? 


Look, it’s not like anyone, even Leo, would have to work at being attracted to Gigi Hadid. She’s Gigi Hadid. But, you know, Gigi might have a say in the matter. And that’s where this gets really interesting. Gigi is single. Gigi and Zayn broke up pretty much exactly a year ago, when she was out of town and Yolanda was at their place and Zayn allegedly struck Yolanda. They’d already been apart about a month when the story somehow got leaked and it was ugly for a couple of weeks there but everyone eventually came to their senses and took it out of the public arena. Since then, things appear to be amicable between Gigi and Zayn and she’s been quietly doing her thing. 

Dating Leo would be anything but quiet. That’s definitely a consideration for Gigi and also…? It’s not like she doesn’t know about his, um, pattern. Gigi is very good friends with Taylor Swift and Taylor mocked Leo in one of her songs, “The Man”. These are the lyrics: 

“Let the players play
I'd be just like Leo
In Saint-Tropez”

Consider too the lyrics to one of her most well-known songs, especially this year, “All Too Well”, the ten-minute version for which she directed a short film music video and seems to be Oscar-campaigning in support of it. These are the lyrics are referring to, ostensibly written about Jake Gyllenhaal, but you can see how it could be easily applied to Leo: 

“And I was never good at telling jokes

But the punchline goes

I’ll get older but your lovers stay my age” 

Imagine she actually gets nominated and performs it at the Oscars and looks right at him? 


Let’s put aside the gossip fantasies for now though and get back to Gigi and if one of her good friends might see him that way I would imagine Gigi also has the same idea and, well, would Gigi really go there? Another thing: Gigi is close to Blake Lively, who has her own history with Leo. So she’d have legit inside information. Not really sure if that inside information would, um, be in Leo’s favour. 

Gigi at this point is about as famous, perhaps more, as anyone Leo has ever dated. Gisele Bundchen wasn’t the household name she is now as when she and Leo were together. And social media wasn’t a thing back then either. Gigi, to people of her generation, might even be a bigger deal than him. I’m just saying… she wouldn’t be coming at this in awe of him, his celebrity doesn’t eclipse hers, he’s not as impressive through her lens as he would be for someone else. How interesting and charismatic would Leo have to be to make it into Gigi’s orbit? And does he even have it in him? 

Attached - Gigi out yesterday in New York during Fashion Week.