New York Fashion Week is underway. Guess where Leonardo DiCaprio is? Please. It’s a stupid question. Leo is single again. Leo’s life motto is “where’s the party with all the models” so of course he’s in New York. Here he is on a CitiBike with his friends the other day, riding the same streets where he was once joined by previous model girlfriends and Blake Lively. Will we see Leo on a bike with a new model before the weather turns and it’s too cold for Leo to go out for a model date on a bike? Or will we have to wait until next spring? 


I guess it depends on this week as Leo makes his way through NYFW which is basically runway to the party and Leo was seen at a party with Jared Leto on Saturday. This totally tracks. They’re around the same age. They enjoy the company of models, young models, frequently. Jared is not officially a member of the Pussy Posse but maybe they have a pussy partnership? Like Leo gets first dibs on Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays and Jared gets first pick on the days in between? 

What’s hilarious, to me at least, is that for a few weeks now, ever since it was confirmed that Leo and Camila Morrone are no longer together, the jokes have all been about models aging out past 25 and how he’ll be flipping through the catalogue for a new edition. And where does he turn up in spite of all that? New York Fashion Week. It’s like he’s meme-ing himself. 

But is the culture being unfair to Leo? 


One of his ex girlfriends, a model obviously, seems to think so. Kristen Zang wrote an essay for PEOPLE last week to push back against the “ageist headlines and comments”. It’s not clear, though, who she’s trying to defend – is it the models who are no longer in a relationship with Leo once they clear the 25 mark? Or is it Leo who hasn’t been in a relationship with any model older than 25 years old? Kristen, by the way, broke up with Leo when she was… 25. 

She says it’s because she was ready to grow up and figure out who she wanted to be. Gisele Bundchen basically said the same thing. So maybe Kristen meant that it was “ageist” to call a model at 25 too old for Leo? The problem with that though is that it wasn’t the headlines judging the models for being too old, the headlines were judging LEO for aging out the models at 25. 


Is it possible that like Kristen and Gisele, Camila decided she was done dating Hollywood’s Peter Pan Loverboy? Of course. But they were never the joke to begin with. The joke is that whatever the reason for his relationships always ending around the 25th birthday, he goes back to 19 or 20 while continuing to get older. 

Maybe next time will be different though. Perhaps the next person Leo dates will be older than 25 years old and he’ll subvert all expectations…even though he’s been f-cking textbook with all his romances so far.