It’s a model’s job to wear clothes, and wear them well. So I get it, I know. Saying that Naomi or Hailey Bieber or Gigi Hadid look great in their outfits is… well… obviously. That said, I really, really love this outfit on Gigi as she arrives in Milan for fashion week. 


Gigi’s hair is still red from the Met Gala. I love it on her. I love even more what she’s doing here with her flight suit. Not technically a flight suit but if they sold this as a one-set, I’d be in. Joggers always work. And this cream shirt looks SO comfortable, and it matches her mask which matches her hat. 

And then her Converse matches her luggage. Now I think I want an orange rolling case? I know Duana does. Orange is her colour – she’s claimed it among our friend group, LOL. And whenever I get anything orange (my favourite is my orange RAINS rain slicker) I feel like I’m stealing from her. Anyway, this orange travel case is excellent so if you’re in the market for one (if you’re open to travelling again), perhaps this can be an option. 


Gigi stayed with the matching thing on her way to the Alberta Ferretti show in all denim. Also attaching shots of her in baggy jeans under an oversized denim jacket and I love this look too. The wash is perfect. The collar pop is perfect. Super into the 80s cut of the jeans. But I do want to know if she packed all this denim with her in that orange roller because these two items, the jacket and the jeans, are space-eaters. And she didn’t bring much with her – it’ll be an in and out trip, presumably, as she’ll want to get back to her baby quick. Oh wait, never mind. Just took a closer look and there’s an attendant behind her with a bigger orange case so she brought the whole set.