Gigi Hadid is on the cover of the new issue of ELLE wearing mermaid style hair. Good timing with the upcoming release of the live action Little Mermaid movie in May. And this tight wave texture has been showing up more and more so we’re looking at a trend here. Are you into it? I’m into it on Gigi but not on myself. And I think it’s because I have no layers in my hair. Mermaid, in my opinion, works better with some layers. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Bethenny Frankel says that she and Martha Stewart hate each other but that Martha started it because she was mean to her first. I like Kristian at Dlisted’s point here about Martha having no time for Bethenny because her real nemesis is Gwyneth Paltrow, LOL, but also… it’s not like Bethenny has a reputation that is all sunshine and cookies. I don’t know this from watching Housewives, I know this because I’ve been in her presence and she lived up to her image. (Dlisted) 

Kristen Stewart is the jury president at the Berlinale and today was the press conference. So she was asked to give her thoughts on international film and…her answer wasn’t great. Her Chanel suit, however, was excellent. (Cele|bitchy) 

I haven’t watched the new season of Yellowstone yet. But there are production issues now and even though they said that the second half of the season would be released in the summer, scheduling is looking really, really tight. We’ve all heard by now that this is the most-watched show on television. And while I do watch it, I also am not in a hurry to watch it. So the wait, for me, doesn’t feel like it’s a problem the way it is with Succession. I can’t f-cking wait for the next season of Succession. Is it like that for you too? Or are you desperate for more Yellowstone? (Pajiba) 

Florence Pugh was photographed holding hands with Charlie Gooch on Valentine’s Day. Charlie Gooch is not a celebrity. Right but what is this jacket he’s wearing? My guess is Superdry – it sort of looks like it could be one of their bombers but Superdry usually has more striping detail around the cuffs. (The Cut)