Gigi and Bella Hadid presented at the MTV VMAs the other night. Then they hit up the after-party with Taylor Swift. Gigi and Taylor have been close for years. Taylor hung out with Gigi and Zayn Malik when they were still together. Taylor recorded a duet with Zayn. And now that Gigi is with Tyler Cameron of The Bachelorette, he’s apparently been welcomed into the circle too. 

Per E! News

While celebrating with pal Taylor Swift at Republic Records party, the model was joined by new love Tyler Cameron, naturally. When the Bachelorette runner-up arrived to the VIP section at the Moxy Hotel's club The Fleur Room, "Taylor greeted him with a big hug," a partygoer tells E! News. "Tyler and Gigi shared a kiss." 

Is Taylor the kind of person who hugs someone the first time she meets them? I’m not. I barely hug people I’ve known my whole life. But I know a lot of people who hug on the first “hi”. Not sure if that’s Taylor so the two possibilities here are that she hugged him on the first hi or she’d met him already but either way, Tyler’s making the rounds through Gigi’s inner circle. He’s already had dinner with Serena Williams and now he’s on hugging terms with Taylor which means… he’s vetted? 

If I’m Taylor, with all her secrety secrets, I’m not into my friends bringing around randoms unless you’re sure they can be trusted because you run the risk of them getting thirsty later on and exploiting the association for gain. It’s not like we haven’t seen this before. That said, Tyler’s been pretty discreet so far – he hasn’t spoken publicly about Gigi, he hasn’t been leaving crumbs that connect him to Gigi on social media, he’s played it pretty smart so far. I mean, it’s been a month so, you know, there’s time. But if he’s thirsty, and he’s from The Bachelor universe so there’s a built-in degree of thirst here we know this, he’s managed to contain his thirst urges up to this point, which is a good sign that he could be someone who’s working the celebrity game for long gain. No sense in burning your fame credits too early when there’s so much potential ahead. Patience can be hard for famewhores. He seems to have some.