I wrote last week about Gigi Hadid and Bachelorette runner-up Tyler Cameron and what this means for the celebrity ecosystem as reality show celebrities continue to cross over into other celebrity streams. Gigi and Tyler spent a few days in upstate New York with some friends and last night they were again seen with friends at dinner back in the city. Among those friends: Serena Williams. 

This is a relationship progression even civilians can relate to: at some point, after you start dating someone, you introduce them to your friends. And it happens in stages. For celebrities, though, I wonder what those stages look like. Do you start with your non-famous friends and gradually build to the more famous ones? When do you get to the point when you introduce your possible new boyfriend to your most famous friends? Or… is it the same for celebrities as it is for civilians, not based on fame but on closeness? 

How could it be the same though? 

Let’s take the most famous person to set the example. Say you’re friends with Beyoncé – and if you’re friends with Beyoncé, this is your greatest achievement in life. You can’t just bring someone around to meet the Queen after three or four dates. Not only because you don’t want to waste her time but because there’s a risk involved. There might even be an NDA involved. Beyoncé cannot be compromised. And Serena’s not far behind that status. 

Randoms don’t know the rules of hanging with the specials. They must earn the right to even play by those rules. Otherwise a critical leak could occur. If Tyler’s passed the Serena test, does that mean the Taylor Swift test is next? And only after that will they go Instagram official? Is that the prescribed order for the famous youths?