Julia Fox, gossip’s newest superstar, is now in Hollywood, the headquarters of gossip. It’s now been ten days since Julia energised the gossip landscape, after being seen with Kanye West in Miami and then hooking up again with him in New York last week. With this trip to LA, she’s completed her gossip location triangulation – it’s a pyramid of destination hits, giving Los Angeles paparazzi their turn to shoot her. 


Julia and Kanye met up for dinner last night at Craig’s, not exactly low profile. LOL, as IF anything about this is ever going to be low profile but for some added heat, Antonio Brown was also up in the mix so there’s a convergence here of music, sport, fashion, and hustle. Julia’s outfit here is excellent, monochrome grey with the corset leather jacket, jeans, and brown-tip boots. Her expression is even better. This is a face that’s been pap-ready for a long time, a face that knows that she’s the one everyone’s been talking about for days. 

The conversation about Julia yesterday was related to her because of what she said on her podcast, Forbidden Fruit, a couple of weeks ago, calling herself a “die-hard” fan of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and revealing that she’d been watching since the very beginning. This, of course, was before she and Ye crossed paths in Miami on NYE. And some are reacting to this like it’s a “gotcha!” moment, evidence that she’s been thirsting for this life for a long time…which…

Why did anyone need the proof? 


Who was out here thinking that Julia was pretending to be not interested in this moment, not interested in the attention, not interested in the spotlight? 

What makes the Kardashians so unconquerable is that they’re rumour-proof, scandal-proof, and definitely truth-proof. All that matters is that there’s a story, it doesn’t matter what the “real” story is – none of it is real and all of it is real. The same could be said of Julia. What does it f-cking matter that two weeks ago on her podcast she admitted to being obsessed with the Kardashians? 

She’s 31 years old, she grew up on the Kardashians, literally; she’s an influencer, a New York It Girl – and you think THIS is a going to shame her? 


As I wrote last week after Julia gave Interview the exclusive on her situation with Kanye, Julia Fox is no amateur. As Brock Colyar wrote in her piece about Julia for The Cut titled “Thank God for Julia Fox” published last Friday, “Fox [is] the master of her own tabloid game”. She’s emerged on the gossip scene fully formed; there will be no growing pains here. And it’s worth noting, again, that Julia pre-Kanye was already “niche famous”, which is how Brock described her – and it’s the perfect way of putting it. Julia Fox was already known, especially in New York City, to the people who know. In the superficial world of celebrity, which is its own Squid Game, and everybody keeps score by a hierarchical value system administered by a select group of players, fame hierarchy isn’t always determined by the public. Julia came into this having already had the blessing of the NYC underground, media, and marketing elite – a cohort that took years to come around to Kim. And now she’s aiming for the MiniVan Majority. 

So no matter how this ends, no matter what goes down or up between Julia and Ye, whether it lasts the month or longer, the point is that she’s here. And she’s staying.