Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson arrived in Milan today, presumably for fashion week since everyone arriving in Milan seems to be there for fashion week and also presumably for Gucci. Jodie is a Gucci ambassador and Gucci to Milan these days feels like Chanel to Paris – the most highly anticipated show. 


For this trip, then, Joshua’s there as Jodie’s plus one. I say that with affection and I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t mind. We interviewed him on The Social a couple of weeks ago and we talked to him about his wife, basically telling him that we’re obsessed with her, and he was like, no, I’m the most obsessed with her. So Joshua Jackson isn’t insulted about being Jodie’s plus one. That is correct, he would agree. I look forward to seeing their outfits. 

That said… I’ve been waiting a couple of weeks to address something where Jodie is concerned. I mean, the woman is flawless. But, um, I think I may have identified a problem. 


I brought this up with Joshua at the end of the interview and he stands with her on raisins – which is disappointing and disgusting. Raisins in anything is never the answer, never, never, never, never. Raisins are wrong, always. So at that point I cut off the interview and threw to break because there’s enough misinformation in the world, we don’t need Jodie and Joshua spreading falsehoods about raisins. That said, I love them individually and I love them together and not even raisins can f-ck that up.