Dear Gossips, 

On Monday in What Else?, following the news that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton were married in Oklahoma, I asked whether or not we’d see the photos in a magazine or Instagram. The next day Gwen and Vera Wang posted photos of her dress. So… the answer was Instagram, right? 


Gwen and Blake’s wedding covers the new issue of PEOPLE and it’s an exclusive, even though a few of the shots we’ve seen already, especially the shots that generated the most interest, which of course is the dress. If PEOPLE is paying to run these images though, I can’t imagine they would have wanted them to be shared on Instagram over a day before the release of feature. So what’s going on here? 

My guess is that the plan was originally to hold the shots for PEOPLE until the paparazzi released their images on Monday which were posted at TMZ. Not super high quality but you can see enough of the dress to get a good idea of what it was like. And from there, if I’m Gwen, I’d want to properly show the wedding look through my own channels, which is why she did it on social media ahead of PEOPLE’s timeline with the magazine. 


On top of that, Carson Daly officiated her wedding and he has dozens of jobs, among them a spot on TODAY where he talked about the wedding this week and his role and also the moment they exchanged their vows. The Voice is an NBC property and Gwen, Blake, and Carson are all talent associated with the network. It makes perfect business sense for NBC to be the broadcaster 


As you can see, Carson posted that on IG and Gwen reposted, and all of this is great content but it kinda takes the punch out of PEOPLE’s exclusive, you know? And my bigger point here is… for celebrities, yeah, sure, you take the money if it’s there, but from the magazine’s perspective, wedding exclusives were already old school and if you’re getting jacked by social media, is this really a smart investment anymore? 

Yours in gossip,