Dear Gossips, 

Yesterday in What Else? when linking to a story about Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton’s wedding and her wedding dress in particular, I asked the question…Magazine or Instagram? We now have the answer – it’s Instagram. 


The designer: Vera Wang. 

There was a time when a Vera Wang wedding dress was the ultimate status symbol. Like through the 90s and early 2000s. That’s not to say that Vera Wang wedding dresses fell out of fashion favour but other designers, some from major fashion houses, then got in on the wedding dress thing and Vera wasn’t the go-to the way she used to be for a period. 

This year though, there have been two major celebrity weddings, and both brides wore Vera Wang: Ariana Grande and Gwen Stefani. Before you knew that it would be Vera though, would you have predicted that Ariana would go with Vera? And Gwen too? 


Going forward now though, Vera is at the top of the list again, right? 

Gwen’s first wedding dress is iconic. At the time, in 2002, we hadn’t seen very many wedding dresses with colour – and the shock of pink on her Galliano gown was an instant pop culture moment. And a little punk, which suited the time, the partnership, the person. This time around Gwen went all white, a sweetheart neckline, more traditional, with all that tulle, and perhaps more sentimental. Especially with the veil: 


For me it’s the reception look. Short and flouffy, that bow in her hair and those boots – it’s rock and pop and country, and so totally Gwen: 

I also love the accessories, the gold bangles on her wrist. Not your typical wedding jewellery and it’s exactly right. 


Remember the gossip when Gwen and Blake first started dating? It was shortly after she finally left Gavin Rossdale and just after Blake and Miranda Lambert’s quick divorce. Some people weren’t buying it, thought it was a showmance. And now, six years later, they’re one of the more solid high profile celebrity relationships. All this time and there’s been basically zero scandal, no whispers, nothing remotely close to dramatic, to the point where they almost got a little boring. I mean boring, in this case, is where you want to be. With sincerity then – to boring, forever. Sometimes boring is good for gossip. 

Yours in gossip,