Dear Gossips, 

PEOPLE Magazine’s cover story last week was the 2023 Sexiest Man Alive, who ended up being Patrick Dempsey. Their cover story this week is… Gwyneth Paltrow. It’s an exclusive interview and, I think?, an exclusive photo shoot, although going by the image that was chosen for the cover, it really just looks like a shot from her camera roll, lol. 


I would love to know what the photo editor had to work with here because the picture is just so weird. And also SO Gwyneth. As in… here, whatever, PEOPLE, you’ll take whatever I give you, and that’s about all the effort I’m going to put into this. 


Gwyneth talks about her marriage to Brad Falchuk, how she basically ended up with a man who reminds her of her dad. And she talks about the expectations that came with turning 50, and how busy she is these days, with managing her household and her business – which, by the way, is the whole point of this feature with PEOPLE. Because Goop is now 15 years old and the brand is making its push into the accessible space; good.clean.goop is now available at Target and Amazon, and that means Gwyneth is aiming for exactly the PEOPLE Magazine audience: the MiniVan Majority. 

Interesting because, of course, she kicked off 2023 in court, becoming the celebrity spokesmodel for the “quiet luxury” trend, only her style is not exactly the Target and Amazon price point. This new Goop direction, then, feels like noblesse oblige. It’s her version of charity… for profit. Here is GP deigning to provide products to the middle or lower middle class like she’s doing them a favour. 


In other GP news, she was repping Goop Kitchen at the Baby2Baby gala last weekend, serving oysters to guests at the event. I’ve been in Japan for a week and a half, and I would choose a Japanese street stall oyster over a Goop oyster every day all day. 

Yours in gossip,