It’s been three weeks since Gwyneth Paltrow won her countersuit in her ski crash trial. That trial ended up being one of the biggest pop culture moments of the year, reportedly watched by 30 million people on social media. As Maria said, it was the “Trial of the Century for people who subscribe to Town & Country”, lol.


Here’s Gwyneth on her first red carpet since her court victory, at the Daily Front Row Fashion Awards this weekend to accept the Powerhouse Brand of the Year award for G. Label by goop, in all beige with her abs out because she is feeling herself, as smug as ever. Because remember, right before the trial started, Gwyneth was getting slammed for the bone broth controversy and accused of promoting unhealthy and disordered eating. But then, not only did she win in real court, but she also won in culture court. I mean, sure, the culture loves to hate her and mock her… but during that trial, the culture also crowned her. 

Gwyneth would have been met with a round of applause from her extensive crew inside Hollywood, held up as the hero celebrity who stood up to a non-star who tried to exploit her fame. And outside Hollywood, well, you saw the reaction. Like, sure, there were a lot of people laughing, but there were a lot of people reacting like this:


She is mother now. And that’s a term that’s only used as compliment. Then, of course, there was her court wardrobe. The Guardian called it “billionaire chic”. If people weren’t quoting her from court, they were taking notes on her court fashion. So many outlets were covering it, from Buzzfeed to GQ because Gwyneth is now credited for a new style trend – what the New York Times calls “court core”. 

So while, yes, you may be reacting to her and this post with an “ugh”, and believe me, I get it, the fact is she managed to turn a potential $300K liability into a career opportunity. That trial was basically the equivalent of starring in a hit television series or movie. And all she had to do was be her privileged self. Another reason to blame Terry Sanderson!