Maria noted in Celebrity Social Media yesterday that Gwyneth Paltrow didn’t post anything for Father’s Day like she did last year when she shouted out both her husband, Brad Falchuk, and her ex-husband, Chris Martin, who is now, reportedly, Dakota Johnson’s ex-boyfriend. G and Chris are of course I’m sure she’s not smug about it. I would be though. 

After their divorce, it was G who found love again first which, as I keep saying, is not always how sh-t works out for women - and not only that, Chris is now fresh off his third breakup since he and Gwyneth split...if these rumours are true that he and Dakota are over. They never talked about their relationship so it’s not like they’d come out to deny it if it wasn’t legit. The source is the Sun, not always on it with accuracy but when and if they are right, it’s mostly with British celebrities.

Back in April, PEOPLE reported that Chris and Dakota were “pretty serious”. It was a nothingburger of an exclusive, paired with photos of the two out for a walk in Malibu. Since reports of a split broke three days ago, PEOPLE hasn’t covered it. And it’s not like they wouldn’t be interested – they’re likely trying to nail down corroborating sources or conflicting ones. Same goes for E! News. They too went ahead with a story back in April that Chris and Dakota were so locked down they were heading towards an engagement. E! has also not made mention of the breakup rumours originating from the Sun. Something to keep an eye on. 

Let’s focus on Gwyneth for now, seen here in London promoting her book. I am OBSESSED with this outfit. We’ve seen her in a variation of this before – and she’s always looked great in stripes – but it’s the combination of this perfect striped top (the length of it, and the shape too, falling to the exact right spot on the waist) over these shorts. And the sneakers with the ribbons. Seriously. Why is she so good at sweaters?