John Wick 3 is filming right now, because there is still some good in the world. The movie is still adding to the cast, and yesterday they announced Halle Berry will be joining up as “Sofia”,  a character we know nothing about except that she maybe isn’t a villain. Halle Berry was a Bond girl. Being in John Wick is WAY cooler. It’s the most influential American action movie of the decade, and if you’ve seen John Wick, you’ve seen its influence on everything that has come after, up to and including Marvel movies (the co-directors of the first JW directed the second-unit action photography for Captain America: Civil War). If you haven’t seen John Wick, then I can only assume you are not a real person but are three owls in a trench coat.

Berry has been campaigning for a decent action flick for a while, and I hope John Wick doesn’t just make her a concierge at the Continental or something. Let Halle Berry live! Give her a great action role! All we know about John Wick 3 is that it’s John Wick on the run, surviving in the assassin world by, like, hanging out with garbage men. The previous movies showed us the high-flying world of international assassins, but this time Baba Yaga has been cast out. He’s on his own. And it’s up to the servicemen and women of the assassin world to help him out. I REALLY hope Halle Berry pops up as part of this underbelly of the assassin world. We’ve only glimpsed the less glamorous parts of this world before, from the “cleaners” who take care of bodies to the Bowery King’s homeless network. I hope Halle Berry has her own network of, say, night cleaners who are all secretly assassins.

Also joining the cast are Anjelica Huston, Asia Kate Dillon, and Jason Mantzoukas. Look, I love Morticia Addams now and forever, but Jason Mantzoukas is playing someone called “Tick Tock Man”. Okay, one, that’s a perfect name for a Jason Mantzoukas character. And two, you will never convince me “Tick Tock Man” isn’t an alias of Adrian Pimento, which means that John Wick and Brooklyn 99 are happening in the same universe. This is the crossover we want and need.


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