Yesterday in Smutty Social Media, I said that I’d like to Gossip Genie Alexander Skarsgård and Halle Berry, if for no other reason than their collective beauty.

Well ask and someone (not me) shall receive. Yesterday Halle went “Insta official” with someone named Alex. Not the Alex I was suggesting, but another one. His name is Alex Da Kid (I’m going with the way he styles his name, I’ve also seen it as da Kid), a 35-year-old very successful producer who has worked with Rihanna, Dr. Dre and Eminem. So it’s safe to say I won’t be predicting anyone’s future. In fact, I suck at wishing on the Gossip Genie, but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop. (JLo and Leo is my ultimate wish. See? I’m delusional.)

Not only did they go Insta official, but they posted the same photo with the same caption. (With slightly different punctuation. Are his ellipses a sign of thoughtfulness or hesitation? If one of my girlfriends was dating someone and he posted this, we’d dissect it for hours.)


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Halle Berry is not new to this – she had a planned roll out. She wants us to know that she is serious with Alex (Da Kid, not Skarsgård). She hasn’t been seriously linked to anyone since her divorce from Olivier Martinez, so it’s a big step. And she has a complicated history. More complicated than Brad Pitt or Ben Affleck or Angelina Jolie? No, but people have always perceived her to have a lot of love drama. She’s been married three times (she and Gabriel Aubry never married), so she’s on par with Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Winslet and Drew Barrymore.

Still, the idea that she’s unlucky in love and prone to messy breakups has stuck, and not in the fun “Julia Roberts was a runaway bride!” way. No one is writing cute listicles about Halle Berry’s exes. But for a very famous, top tier movie star and glass ceiling smasher, what’s 3 marriages over nearly three decades of movie stardom? It’s downright economical, really. It’s not scandalous at all.

Today, at 51, she is feeling herself. She is definitely feeling 35-year-old Alex (Da Kid, not Skarsgård). Oh and she chose the week she has a new movie coming out - Kingsman: The Golden Circle - to tell us about him. Did I mention Halle has been in the movie star business since 1991? So I’m sure the timing is purely coincidental.

Also attached - Halle at the Kingsman premiere in London the other day.