Over 25 years ago, Halle Berry’s outfit really was perfect. It could have worked 50 years ago and will work 50 years from now. This was the same year that Clueless came out. So skirts and knee-high socks were the thing. But Halle’s mixing a very slight grunge vibe into the look too. Which makes it an amazing representation of that time…but also timelessness, because every element here is a classic. (Go Fug Yourself) 


One photo can bring on a lot of thoughts. My first thought seeing this shot of Kyle MacLachlan was how much I love his hair like this and that there are a few Asian actors, and popstars, who are starting to edge their hair in this direction and I’m all over it. My next thought is that it reminds me, a little, of Keanu Reeves’s hair in My Own Private Idaho and…well…that is not a problem for anyone, is it? In fact, this might even be from the same era. (Dlisted) 

I too, like Dustin at Pajiba, have fond memories of You’ve Got Mail. The scene with Parker Posey in the elevator kills. The scene of them singing Christmas carols (“the horn, the horn, sounds so forlorn”). And the way they shot Christmas in the city was pure magic. And the way Tom Hanks looked at Meg Ryan in the movie, acting like he was falling in love through his eyes, it gets me every time. But. I have no idea what Dustin is talking about here. What alternate ending?! I never saw a version of You’ve Got Mail with the alternate ending that he’s describing. (Pajiba) 


What in the EVER-LOVING-F*CK is up with these people criticising President Joe Biden for… the way his dog looks, seriously? Champ is a very good boy, a very handsome boy. His coat is greying because he’s aging. But he’s a distinguished gentleman who is clearly not being abused – and the implication here by these assholes is vile. Major and Champ are probably the only ones at the White House who are stress-free and living their best lives right now. Imagine all the new staff members they’re manipulating for cookies and pats and peanut butter licks? (Cele|bitchy) 

Kathleen Hou’s piece on anti-Asian racism and the Chinese expression “swallowing bitterness” just broke me, because my parents had to swallow a lot of bitterness making their way as Canadians and to see that they’re at risk all the time now, along with millions of others who are facing a very real threat of violence, it’s well… a bitter pill to swallow. And they’re just out there doing it. (The Cut)