When I posted about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle last Tuesday, December 22, I noted that in 2019, they released their Christmas card on December 23 through the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust and wondered if they’d maintain the same schedule and rollout for 2020. They did indeed. I also wondered whether or not it would be through an American or a British organisation. 


This year they chose to do it through Mayhew, based in the UK, an animal welfare agency, of which Meghan is patron. 

The image is an illustrated photo originally taken by Doria Ragland, Meghan’s mother. Archie apparently picked the ornaments on the tree, which will be replanted in the garden on their Montecito property. Of course it’s Archie who is the main focus… and perhaps deliberately not the focus? Or IN focus? 


While Harry and Meghan have regularly appeared virtually through the year, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, now just over 18 months old, hasn’t been seen in a while. Not since his first birthday…right? That was when a video shot by Harry of Meghan reading to Archie was posted through Save the Children UK

While Archie’s obviously part of this holiday scene, sending it out as an illustration dulls his features, limits the ability to get a true appreciation of what he looks like. From this angle, and because it’s a drawing, even if it’s a facsimile of a photo, Archie seems like he might resemble his cousin, Big G of House Cambridge. The point is, it’s not a clear representation of Archie’s face. A deliberate choice, presumably, and an indication of what’s to come and not come in 2021: Archie sightings will remain few and far between.