Harry Styles is back in New York and last night resumed his residency at Madison Square Garden. It’s his first performance since the out of control Don’t Worry Darling premiere in Venice that featured the film’s lead skipping the press conference, not engaging with her director or her primary co-star, and the case of the Phantom Spit. And on top of that, the movie got mediocre reviews. 


Harry is an electrifying performer. He was never going to let any of that drama have an impact on his show and the fans’ experience. And if there was any way for him to use the drama to make the show even better… well… he would. And he did. 


It’s really the best approach to handle it: laugh at the absurdity, because it was absurd, but not too much, because it doesn’t need more air, and then back to the music. For the next little while anyway, until it’s time for more Don’t Worry Darling events. The New York premiere is September 19 and there will also be a Q&A. It’s already confirmed that Florence Pugh will not attend so this will be the Harry and Olivia show. Unless, of course, they keep their distance in front of the cameras the way they did in Venice. 

There’s been a lot of speculation about whether or not that meant that they’ve broken up over all this chaos but while Harry and Olivia may have avoided each other on the red carpet and sat separately during the screening, there were a few moments where they interacted. I saw one video of them where they had a quick exchange behind Chris Pine during the screening so the effort to separate them was a PR decision – they obviously don’t want to give up any red carpet shots of themselves together. 

That said… this can’t be easy on their relationship, can it? These kinds of situations can strain a relationship and some connections can’t withstand this kind of heat. Other couples, however, become even closer through adversity – see Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. How will this work out for Harry and Olivia? 


You know the quote that I keep coming back to? It’s from Harry’s recent interview with Rolling Stone when he’s talking about the toxic segments of his fanbase and their cruelty towards the “people closest to him” and Olivia has been the target for over a year. 

“That obviously doesn’t make me feel good,” Harry said. And how could it feel good? Nobody wants to see someone they care about harassed online because people are unreasonably possessive over you. My gossip read on this right now then is that Harry wouldn’t be turning away and turned off from Olivia as a result of this spectacle because he would feel like all of it has been an extension of that fan toxicity to which he is inextricably linked. For now anyway.