The only Hot Harry I recognize is back. Harry Styles has had a relatively quiet few months while he’s been on tour but his newly released Gucci campaign puts him back on top of the former One Direction boy band member rankings. The ranking goes like this: Harry, Zayn, Niall, Louis, and Liam. I don’t think I can tell Louis and Liam apart so let’s just put them as a tie for last place. They barely even made it on the rankings. Don’t @ me. 

The reason Harry is winning –aside from his face, talent and the fact that he’s not putting out cringey music videos – is that his career strategy seems the most destined for longevity. Harry is positioning himself as a Proper British Rock Star, emphasis on the “British”. His new Gucci campaign, shot in North London, is SO British which proves he’s leaning in to his attempts to be the next Mick Jagger or Elton John or Paul McCartney. The music in the campaign’s video is a cover of The Beatles’ song “Michelle.” Compare Harry’s British aesthetic to that of Zayn’s. Zayn seems to trying hard to fit into an Americanized version of a pop R&B star. 

Harry Styles has adopted all the quirk and whimsy of London in this campaign. He’s hanging out in a fish and chip shop, a “chippy”, with a literal pet chicken. 


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This embroidered “New Marseille”  jacket is my favourite of the whole campaign. Harry has been rocking designs by Alessandro Michele for a while now and his bold, flamboyant suits (the floral ones) have showcased Harry’s love of fashion. We write a lot on this site about how fashion IS work and how celebrities can leverage campaigns like this to benefit their careers. This campaign is the latest in all the ways Harry has been showing his work. 

And look, puppies! 


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Goddamn, he is handsome in this shot. Do you think the shawl look on men is going to catch on? I am here for it. 


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Watch the campaign’s accompanying video below (should I feel bad for the chicken?) and see more shots of Hot Harry here.