As mentioned yesterday, this has been a big conversation online for the last few days – Harry Styles was papped on a yacht and seen with a tattoo on his thigh that said “Olivia” and whether or not he had his leg inked with Olivia Wilde's name. 


As you would expect, the internet has been investigating and it doesn’t seem like he had the tat before 2019, which would make it unlikely that it’s to do with the One Direction song of the same name. He and Olivia, of course, started dating at some point in 2020 and their relationship was made public after they were photographed at a wedding at the start of 2021. So far the evidence does seem to suggest that the tat was indeed for his now ex-girlfriend. 

Obviously Harry’s not saying. But he is jogging. Here’s Harry out for a run with his personal trainer, Brad Gould, in Bagnoregio, Italy. At one point he passed by a cucina and, as you can see, the look on people’s faces when they realised it was Harry Styles working out in their village. 


In other Harry news, not related to his body – he was on that yacht because the tour is over, and it was reported that Harry “raised and donated more than $6.5 million to a long list of charities and nonprofit organisations around the world”. Per PEOPLE, the list includes Planned Parenthood, Save the Children, Black Minds, Choose Love, the Sydney Zoo, and Every Town for Gun Safety. All of these organisations align with what we know of Harry’s beliefs: reproductive rights, gender and racial equality, animal welfare, and responsible gun ownership. Sexy.