Harry Styles has wrapped up his tour and is taking some time off. Like so many other celebrities, he was on holiday in Italy, on a yacht. The paps got photos of him with his shirt off in swim trunks and I would like to post them here but they’re very expensive and I’m sure you’ve heard, it’s a volatile time for digital publishers right now, and this is basically just a very unsubtle way of asking, politely, if you would consider turning off your ad blockers when you visit our site. 


Back to the gossip and shirtless Harry – you can see those photos here – people have been zooming in on his tattoos and there’s one on his thigh that stands out in particular: OLIVIA. 

We are marking the one year anniversary right now of the Don’t Worry Darling drama. It was one of the biggest gossip stories of summer 2022. The film was about to premiere at the Venice Film Festival. Harry’s fans hated Olivia Wilde so much that they zoned in on Florence Pugh’s lack of promotion for the film. There were rumours that Olivia and Flo fell out during production. There were rumours that Flo and Harry had a thing and Olivia came in for the steal. All of that preceded the chaotic Don’t Worry Darling red carpet and screening and the phantom spitting incident. And that was before the salad dressing story (!!!) before Harry and Olivia finally ended their relationship. What a time to be alive!


And now a memory of that time… in the form of ink, on Harry’s leg. That’s how invested he was in their romance? Can’t be going over that well with the haters. Which is why some are trying to attribute the tat to the One Direction song “Olivia” that came out in 2015. Although still others point out that the ink wasn’t seen on Harry at least before 2021, which is when he and Olivia were together. 

This is a summary of the internet evidence that has been provided. And based on that, right now, as judge and jury of this case, how do you rule? 

Is the tattoo for Olivia Wilde or is it for a song? 


If I’m Olivia though, this would be me. 

Also attached - Olivia Wilde seen out in New York earlier this month.