The Weinstein web keeps growing

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Why is there a Weinstein scandal update every five minutes? Because the Weinsteins, mainly Harvey and now Bob, have over the last 30 years, been involved in every corner of the celebrity ecosystem and many adjacent ecosystems. All those Venn diagrams are intersected and infected.

Variety reported yesterday that Amanda Segel, executive producer of The Mist, alleges that Bob Weinstein sexually harassed her, refused to take no for an answer, and that she complained about it directly to The Weinstein Company executives. Bob has denied Amanda’s claims and has now hired Bert Fields, one of the most feared lawyers in Hollywood. Naturally they’re attacking her credibility. And one way they’re doing that is to focus on “touching”, insisting that Bob never “touched” Amanda so there can’t be any harassment. So. You know where this is going.

Now that the heat is on Bob though, his other workplace behaviours are being interrogated. Jeffrey Katzenberg publicly described him as “abusive” yesterday. That he too, like his brother, regularly bullied colleagues. Jaime King cosigned:

Bob Weinstein might be on his way down – and out – alongside Harvey. And a few others too. Like Kenneth Cole.

The Huffington Post just published an extensive report on Harvey’s shading dealings, not just in filmmaking but also in philanthropy. Before the sexual abuse revelations, he was already a heatscore for his unethical management of funds for charity, specifically amfAR. And now Kenneth Cole has been implicated as, if not a co-conspirator, than at least an enabler. While the financial f-ckery was being investigated, Harvey’s predation became known to those who were tracing the money. So then he tried to force his own investigators into the process and the whole thing became an even bigger mess. Reading the summary though, you get a sense of how many different streams Harvey Weinstein was linked to. And now that he’s been exposed, many of those streams are being scrutinised too. Roy Price, the head of Amazon Studios, has already been terminated. amfAR is now a heatscore. It is not looking good for Kenneth Cole right now. And Harvey still has all kinds of sh-t on people he can throw out there, whenever he’s ready to scorch the earth. Is it hyperbolic to ask if Hollywood will even be recognisable anyone once this mess settles?  

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