Tom Cruise and Hayley Atwell continue to work on Mission: Impossible 7 in Rome filming the action scene that they started shooting last week. This time we see them out of the car during the pursuit and at some point I think they’re getting shot at. Since their characters are handcuffed together, they have to be pretty close the whole time which may be a plot device to build tension between the characters. 


As I noted when I wrote about them last time, director Christopher McQuarrie said there was a “vibration” between Tom and Hayley, the chemistry between them is that strong. And in these pictures there are a few shots where if you didn’t know this was some kind of action sequence, it does look like they’re embracing…sort of. 

To me though the picture that caught my attention is the one where Hayley appears to be smelling Tom’s hand: 

Hayley Atwell and Tom Cruise on the set of Mission: Impossible 7 in Rome

Not sure if that’s part of the scene but what do you think Tom Cruise’s hand smells like? Does it smell like “don’t stop never stop, keep running forever”? What exactly does “don’t stop never stop” smell like? And if it’s not part of the scene, did he ask her to smell his hand? Or did she offer to smell his hand to figure out… what, exactly? I’m DYING TO KNOW. 


Anyway, beyond the hand smell mystery, they do look like they’re having a good time, laughing with each other when they’re not rolling. So intensity isn’t his only gear. He’s capable of fun, just… you know… only on a film set? 

Also! Pom Klementieff is in this too. The blonde hair is unmistakable. She posted a shot of herself from set on Instagram: 

Like Hayley, Pom will be in both M:I7 and M:I8 (it’s a two-parter) and she plays a “femme fatale”. This is a big movie with a big cast. Because in addition to Hayley and Pom and the Mission Impossible regulars, like Ving Rhames and Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson and Vanessa Kirby are also returning, and they’ve added Shea Wigham and Esai Morales. The first movie is currently scheduled for release November 2021 and the second November 2022, far enough away that no one’s talking about changing up the schedule but not so far away, considering we’re nowhere near the end of this pandemic, that they may have to start thinking about it soon. The most pressing Tom Cruise release, of course, is Top Gun: Maverick, which was supposed to be out in June, then got pushed to Christmas, and now is slated for July 2021, in time for Independence Day in the US. Will it be safe to go back to theatres by then? A theatre is the only place to see a Tom Cruise movie. He doesn’t make movies to be streamed. Tom Cruise does not want you to watch him from your television or your tablet or, worse, your phone, f-ck no. He doesn’t jump out of buildings for you on your iPhone. IMAX is the Cruise way. It’s gonna be a while.