You know what? I don’t care how Game of Thrones ended, that show was f-cking rad. King Bran is stupid forever, but the rest of it rocks. I’ve been re-watching episodes (not all of them, because some are just too depressing/upsetting for the times), and when GOT was good, it was the BEST. So bring on the prequel series, Fire and Blood, because I goddammit, I miss Game of Thrones. I miss dragons and magic on my TV every week, and I miss the enthusiastic, informed conversations we constantly had about the show. The thing with a prequel is that we will know, ultimately, how everything works out, but Fire and Blood will center on a previous generation of characters that are largely unknown to the general public. We’ll have magic and mystery again! And tons and tons of dragons!


Fire and Blood is casting now, and speculation is that this show, which centers on an earlier generation of Targaryen kings, will include the Dance of the Dragons, the Targaryen civil war that almost tore Westeros apart. The Dance of the Dragons is one of the most impactful historical events in GOT lore, but it’s treated within the world of GOT as common information everyone knows, so it’s not like everyone stands around telling each other about things they already know. (Truly one of the worst aspects of screenwriting is when characters tell each other information they should already know. The audience can learn through context clues, do not make characters have dumb conversations like that.) This means we will hear some familiar names in Fire and Blood, like Viserys (Viserys I was one of the only really good Targaryen kings), and Harrenhal, and House Hightower, only occasionally mentioned in Game of Thrones, but at the height of their power during the Dance of the Dragons. Fire and Blood is set up to be the best kind of prequel, taking us back to a world we love, but showing us a lot of new people and places.

And new dragons! If they are actually doing the Dance of the Dragons, Fire and Blood will include some of the greatest dragons in Westeros history, like Caraxes, Vermithor, and the dreaded Vhagar. I don’t give a sh-t about the people, just give me these giant, charismatic dragons and I will be happy with Fire and Blood. Everyone is waiting for casting announcements for the show, but I would like to see the Vhagar concept art, please. Of course, it will suck watching a bunch of them die—not a spoiler, we know dragons are nearly extinct by the time of Game of Thrones—but the Dance of the Dragons is nothing but battles with dragons. Remember how exciting it was when Drogon finally starting showing up for his mom and fighting? This will be a whole show of that! Why do we have to wait for things? Just put this in my eyeballs right now.