Game of Thrones-ish, that is. The prequel spinoff of Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon, is set to begin production in 2021. To whet our appetites—and rinse out the bad taste left in many mouths by the GOT finale—HBO tweeted the one thing they know will get me people excited: DRAGONS.


Who are these dragons?! Caraxes? He’s red. Or maybe Meleys, the “red queen”? Could the complete dragon drawing be of Sunfyre, the most beautiful dragon to ever live? Or perhaps it is Vermithor, the “bronze fury”! Maybe the red dragon is the dreaded Vhagar! There are no physical descriptions of Vhagar, only that she was huge and powerful, with a roar so loud she could shake a castle on its rock. I have been waiting for concept art for Vhagar, is this it?! Not gonna lie, I always pictured Vhagar as a black dragon, like Balerion the Black Dread, mainly because she is described as being “almost as big as Balerion”. I guess she could be red, though Drogon was red and I would like to see more colorful dragons, especially since it’s really the only way to distinguish them. 

I don’t give a flaming f-ck about the human characters in House of the Dragon, I ONLY CARE ABOUT THE DRAGONS. And there will be so many of them! But, for the record, Paddy Considine is the first bit of official casting for House of the Dragon. He will play King Viserys I, a relatively stable Targaryen king whose peaceful reign nevertheless leads to the Dance of the Dragons, a massive civil war. I know Game of Thrones let everyone down in the end, and maybe we’ll never care about this world as intensely as we did before, but I am super stoked for an entire show about people fighting with dragons. Just so long as no one does anything as stupid as fly a dragon north of the Wall for a pointless side quest, I will be happy. Dragons!