The last time we saw a teaser from Game of Thrones’ final season it showed us nothing. On Sunday an HBO teaser played during the Golden Globes which includes THREE WHOLE SECONDS of new footage from season eight of Thrones. Three seconds! The first three seconds we’ve seen! It’s Daenerys rocking up to Winterfell with Jon Snow and Sansa saying, “Winterfell is yours, Your Grace.” Let’s talk about this.

Okay, one, “Your Grace” is a way cooler title than “Your Majesty”. I’ve always appreciated GRR Martin’s commitment to not using “Your Majesty”. I realize there are actual Majesties in the world, and to them I say: Consider switching to “Your Grace”, it’s cooler. (Dukes and duchesses, you will have to come up with something else, sorry.)

And two, Sansa doesn’t seem happy, does she? Like she’s smiling, but also she’s imagining setting Jon Snow’s hair on fire. Most of my questions for the final season revolve around Sansa since I assume most everyone else will die in battle. But Sansa isn’t a fighter—not that that has spared anyone else, RIP Margaery—so her odds of making it deep into season eight seem higher than many others. Definitely higher than Jon’s. We all agree he’s going to die, right? Is it even a spoiler to speculate? He’s Westeros Jesus, and Jesus isn’t exactly known for sticking around. So, Sansa. She has to hand over the keys to Winterfell because Jon wanted to bone his aunt and pledged his loyalty, thus giving up his kingship. This is a shocking lack of strategy, of which Sansa would never have any part. Sansa definitely would have played both ends against the middle and not pledged loyalty to anyone and she would not have made that mistake with Cersei that Jon made at the dragon pit. Honestly, Jon Snow is SUCH a drag on the Stark siblings. What does he even contribute to this family?