I have always preferred Heidi Klum’s streetwear over her red carpet looks. Her casual clothes are so much cuter. Here’s another example – she’s wearing a sack dress, which is a life requirement for me, and a matching toque and it’s a good look. Or, rather, it’s the exact outfit you might find me in on any given day in November so obviously I’m never going to hate it and, frankly, I don’t know why sack dresses aren’t part of everyone’s wardrobe. What do you have against comfort? (Go Fug Yourself) 


Simone Biles and Jonathan Van Ness did an Uber Eats ad together and this is exactly the kind of wholesome combination we need right now. Unless you’re a member of One Million Moms and spend your time shouting at the sky over basic human rights. This is not a “controversial issue”. This is a human rights issue, and these moms are the ones who seem to be against equality for everyone. So Simone told them about themselves and way more politely than they deserve. (Dlisted)

Not a surprise at all: Donald Trump has been tantrum-ing on Twitter today about people participating in the democratic process and Twitter keeps disclaiming him. But he is desperate to stop the votes from counting. Where was this energy when it came to stopping the virus from spreading? (Cele|bitchy) 

Jimmy Fallon’s personal and emotional story on The Tonight Show is hitting people really hard because… things are hard, and confusing, and it’s understandable to feel lost and for a lot of us, those of us who are fortunate to have moms, when we feel lost, we need our moms. Jimmy misses his mom. And he misses the time when mom could make him feel better. (Pajiba) 

And finally… why not end the day on my current favourite person, Steve Kornacki, and a very important question: where does he buy his khakis?! The people at MSNBC are very busy dealing with… well… you know. But I do appreciate that they have taken the time to answer. It must have been the best part of their day. (New York Magazine)