Easily the most bizarre film story of 2017 was the studio warfare between Paramount and Warner Brothers prompted by Henry Cavill’s mustache. As Superman, Cavill is clean-shaven, but for his role in Mission: Impossible…6-ish? he grew a mustache (I assume because Tom Cruise contractually will not allow anyone to be more handsome than him on screen). So when Justice League went back for reshoots, Cavill was maintaining his M:I mustache and thus began the single most petty behind-the-scenes fight in recent memory. In the end, Paramount won, Cavill kept the ’stache, and his CG-shaved face in Justice League was a living nightmare. (Speaking of Justice League, it just closed its run as the lowest-grossing movie in the DCEU. Go team.)

But now Henry Cavill, in a rare display of personality, has posted a tribute video on his Instagram, memorializing his mustache, which has been shaved. This display of good humor is actually funny, and I would like to know where this personality is the rest of the time. Maybe he wouldn’t be “that lame Superman guy” if he did more stuff like this. (I browsed his Insta—he doesn’t. But sometimes he does expose his inner nerd and his dog is gorgeous.) Maybe Tom Cruise will bring it out of him? Cavill should at least seem like an actual human in comparison. For now, enjoy the one engaging thing Henry Cavill has done in recent memory, and bid farewell to the franchise-ruining Cavill ’Stache.


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