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Toss a coin to The Witcher

Sarah Posted by Sarah at January 10, 2020 17:43:47 January 10, 2020 17:43:47
Andreas Rentz/ Getty Images

Spoilers Like Game of Thrones, Netflix’s big-budget fantasy adaptation The Witcher is based on a series of fantasy books, in this case by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski (there is also a series of very popular video games). The Witcher is a fantasy world full of monsters, sorcery, tits, ass, incest, and yes, even a dragon, so you can see the appeal for those still reeling from their Thrones hangover. Full Story

Henry Cavill is unsexy in The Witcher

Sarah Posted by Sarah at November 1, 2019 14:47:41 November 1, 2019 14:47:41
YouTube/ Netflix

Netflix’s attempt at creating their own Game of Thrones is the Henry Cavill fantasy drama, The Witcher. The first trailer left me a little cold, because while the visuals are good, Cavill is not the most engaging presence and they barely let him, the main character, speak. Full Story

Henry Cavill doesn’t talk

Sarah Posted by Sarah at July 23, 2019 13:57:06 July 23, 2019 13:57:06
Kevin Winter/ Albert L Ortega/ Getty Images

Henry Cavill’s post-Superman career begins with a Netflix fantasy series, their moonshot at having their own Game of Thrones, The Witcher. It’s based on a book series but better known as a popular video game, though the television series would really rather you didn’t think of the game. Full Story

The Henry Cavill hair conversation 

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 13, 2018 19:09:00 November 13, 2018 19:09:00
Wenn, Andreas Rentz/ Sebastian Reuter/ Matthias Nareyek/ Getty Images

Is there one? Probably not. Probably I’m suggesting the existence of something that doesn’t exist. My point is Henry Cavill’s hair has been known to come up on this blog more than I think I ever expected it to - the hair on his face, the pretend hair on his face, and the hair on his head. Full Story

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Grizzled Henry Cavill

Sarah Posted by Sarah at September 5, 2018 14:16:17 September 5, 2018 14:16:17
Daniele Venturelli/ Antony Jones/ Getty Images

On the one hand, I am hesitant to write off Henry Cavill because of Chris Hemsworth. Not too long ago we were all, Stop trying to make Chris Hemsworth happen, Hollywood, and then Chris Hemsworth turned out to be one of the better Chrises. On the other hand, I read that Henry Cavill has been cast as the lead in a Netflix series based on The Witcher video games and I said, out loud, NO THANKS. Full Story

Tom and Henry twinning in Beijing 

Kathleen Posted by Kathleen at August 31, 2018 15:23:42 August 31, 2018 15:23:42
Yanshan Zhang/ Emmanuel Wong/ VCG/ Getty Images

The Mission Impossible: Fallout press tour is still happening and it still needs 100% more Angela Bassett. And where’s Ving Rhames? Without both, we have to settle for Tom Cruise, Henry Cavill, and Simon Pegg. Their most recent stop on the M:I - Fallout tour was Beijing on Wednesday. The next best thing to Angela Bassett is Tom and Henry showing up in virtually identical suits and playing Photo Assumption about who can pose harder/act taller. Full Story

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