Post-Superman, Henry Cavill is staying busy. He has that Witcher show coming to Netflix later this year (probably), and now he has bagged a movie role, one which could allow him to regrow The Mustache. Cavill will play Sherlock Holmes…in a movie that is not about Sherlock Holmes. He’s playing Sherlock in Enola Holmes, a movie adapted from Nancy Springer’s YA series “Enola Holmes Mysteries”, about Sherlock’s much younger sister, an aspiring detective. I picked one of those books up off a kid’s bookshelf while babysitting and read about half of it before the parents returned home. It was not bad. Enola Holmes is a spunky Victorian teenager who is not at all into being a Proper Lady, and in the book which I halfway read, she was on the run, dodging her older brothers who want to stuff her in a boarding school for nice young misses. Enola is living on the lam while solving crimes, which is a solid YA concept. Millie Bobby Brown will star in the movie as Enola Holmes.

But, oh, this is about Henry Cavill. Right. Remember him? The lame Superman guy? He’s playing Sherlock Holmes and he doesn’t even get to be the star. He doesn’t even get to play a fun, cool version of Sherlock! He’s playing a total stick in the mud. Enola is the clever hero here, Sherlock (and Mycroft) is an obstacle in her path. This will be Millie Bobby Brown’s movie—potentially movies, there are several books in the series—with Henry Cavill playing a dickish, second-fiddle Sherlock. Sounds about right.