Dear Gossips,

I love that Idris Elba and Sabrina Dhowre are featured on British Vogue’s “special bridal cover” for the July 2019 issue of the magazine. Back in April, when they were married in Marrakesh, British Vogue was the first out there with the exclusive and, at the time, right in the caption, they promised that more from Idris and Sabrina’s wedding would be shown on newsstands: 


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And still, yesterday, when it came out, it felt like a surprise – or at least it did to the internet. Can we call that proof that we don’t retain anything anymore? Or proof that we don’t bother reading captions on Instagram? 

Anyway, Idris tells Vogue how Sabrina changed his life, how he fell in love with her the minute he saw her, and it’s all very cute and you should read the excerpts but I just want to talk about the timing. It’s great timing. Hobbs & Shaw comes out in less than two months and while, obviously, Idris didn’t get married to promote the movie (nobody is saying that, and I’m not being sarcastic), this is a convenient bonus – and several degrees of extra lower than Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’s Vogue wedding. 

Yours in gossip,